What is PhotoPhile?

Photophile is for managing large photo collections, and is especially effective if you also use Adobe Lightroom. Unlike Adobe’s iPad offering, PhotoPhile is not subscription-based and is not dependent on Adobe’s Cloud. Lightroom Mobile will cost you more and more as time passes, while PhotoPhile is yours to use indefinitely!

General Features

Main Page

Main Screen

  • Catalog your photos from the iPad’s Photos app or from Adobe Lightroom.
  • Designed to be familiar to Lightroom users.
  • Add comments, captions, labels, star ratings and flag ratings to your photos.
  • Power sort and filter functions using any combination of your data (star ratings etc.), or photo EXIF metadata, or both.
  • Synchronize metadata changes between PhotoPhile and Lightroom easily using the provided Lightroom plugin.
  • Publish photos to web services both manually and automatically, based on simple rules.
  • Inbuilt slideshow.
  • Works as an Eye-Fi receiving app.

Lightroom-related Features

  • Sync photos directly from Lightroom to PhotoPhile over WiFi using a free, included plugin and a Publish service.
  • Sync metadata changes in both directions using the same service.
  • Fast publishing of photos from Lightroom.
  • Changes made in PhotoPhile to star rating, flag, label, captions and comments are copied back to Lightroom.

Eye-Fi Features

  • Install Eye-Fi cards directly using your Eye-Fi account details (for ProX2) or with the “Activation Code” (Mobi). No rummaging around your Mac or PC to find unlock codes.
  • Send incoming photos to either PhotoPhile’s internal storage, or the iPad’s Camera Roll.
  • Configurable folder layouts including date and card name.
  • Geotag received photos using the iPad’s GPS or WiFi geolocation service.
  • View incoming photos full-screen, as they arrive.
  • Easy setup of Eye-Fi card networks.
  • Easy recovery of your iPad’s normal network settings.

Techy Stuff

  • Read RAW files directly for most camera types.
  • Fully 64-bit optimised.
  • Will load and display photos that are larger than your iPad’s available memory.
  • Multiple cores are used for decoding if your iPad has them.
  • NEON optimised decoding for both RAW and JPEG readers.


PhotoPhile is free to install and test – most features are fully usable even in the free version! There are no monthly charges and no dependence on an internet connection, unlike Adobe’s “Lightroom Mobile”.

Free Full
Price Free USD $14.99
Future Updates* Free Free
Two-way Sync with Lightroom No Yes
Unrestricted Eye-Fi Server No Yes
Unrestricted Internet Uploaders No Yes
No Advertising Banners No Yes

* Software updates are free within the current major version. Upgrades to future major versions will be made available at a reduced cost to existing license holders.