Info Tab

The Info tab will typically be very rarely used. It holds information about the app, the location of the included Lightroom plugin that allows integration with PhotoPhile, and the in-app purchase list.

The Advanced Information Page

The Advanced Information Page

Lightroom Plugin Download

PhotoPhile links closely with Adobe Lightroom. To make this link work, you need to install a plugin for Lightroom. The plugin is included with the app, and can be downloaded directly from the iPad as long as PhotoPhile is running. The URL to download the plugin is shown at the top of the Info tab.

To install the plugin, enter the URL shown into a browser on your PC or Mac. The plugin will download as a zip file which you can then extract and install just like any other Lightroom plugin. There are full details on how this works in the Lightroom section of the manual.

Storage Information

On the left of the page are various technical details about the app, most of which are only useful for support.

Storage Information

Storage Information

Near the bottom of this section are two entries which show the amount of your iPad’s storage that has been used by thumbnails and tiles. Thumbnails are the small representations of your photos that are used in the grid. Tiles are reduced-scale sections of your photos which are used to quickly display very large photos at full scale in the slideshow. If you are running short of storage on your iPad, you can use the “Clear” buttons here to delete all thumbnails or tiles at once.

You can also choose to delete tiles or thumbnails for specific photos in the Grid:

Tap on a collection you want to clear down tiles or thumbnails for.
Tap Select All, or select individual photos.
Tap the Action button in the toolbar.
Tap Delete… and then Delete Tiles or Delete Thumbnails.

Purchase Options

Once you have tested PhotoPhile on your own photos for a while, you can remove the restrictions by buying the full version of the app. This is simple to do – simply tap the option in the Purchase Options box and go through the normal App Store procedure. You can also restore previous purchases here. Any options you have paid for will also appear in the list.